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A short summary of the annual report from Kreds Nordea.

​The full report in Danish can be found here.

The Annual General Meeting of the union in Nordea Denmark – Kreds Nordea/Finansforbundet takes place on 30 March 2019 at Hotel Scandic Copenhagen. On 29 March, members are invited for dinner, a drink, and the Danish comedian Jan Gintberg will entertain. This is an excellent opportunity to meet old and new colleagues and have a chat. The deadline for signing up is 15 March, if you wish to be able to vote at the AGM.

For the AGM an annual report has been prepared in Danish (see page 6-9), here follows a short summary in English.

In the Autumn of 2017, Casper von Koskull announced the need for Nordea to launch a cost saving program, which would cut down the number of employees. The union did not agree to this cost saving program. However, this announcement set the tone for the work of the union as we negotiated an agreement for voluntary leave, which the bank chose to open up in several areas. Also, our legal advisors have been very busy assisting members in various cases such as organizational changes, job losses, reskilling, trying to identify new jobs in the bank etc.

In 2018, Nordea established a mobility program to assist employees in positions, which were going to disappear, to find a new job either inside or outside of Nordea. “This is a very positive initiative, which we strongly support. But we would like to see the program extended to include employees, who are not in an immediate danger of losing their job, but merely in need of guidance”, Toni Madsen, President of the union says. 

Again in 2018, we have had focus on competence development and training. In a digitalized and rapid changing world this must be a first priority for all of us to secure our value on the labour market. “The union is working to provide members the opportunity to educate themselves to make it possible to move from one job to another”, Toni Madsen says. 

Toni Madsen, President of Kreds Nordea (to the left​) and Dorrit Brandt, Vice President.

A membership of the union is important for all employees in Nordea whether they speak Danish or not. In the past year a lot of effort has been put into providing more English text on our homepage, improving our legal counselling in English, developing English podcasts and events in English. Dorrit Brandt, Vice President of the union says; “At Nordea Day for new employees we are talking with a lot of new staff, also English speakers, who are very interested in our services and community. We are very happy about this”.

The AGM is open for all members and you can participate at no cost. The AGM will be held in Danish. If you have some knowledge of Danish, we will encourage you to participate. You can sign up​ at www.kredsnordea.dk.

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