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Ready for Flexible Reopening in the Financial Sector

The Danish Employers' Association for the Financial Sector (FA) and Finansforbundet have concluded an agreement that takes both companies and employees into consideration during the Coronavirus period. 80 per cent have been working at full strength during the crisis.

Do you want your colleague to join too?

The more financial employees who are members of the Financial Services Union, the stronger we stand. That's why we have a recruitment campaign where you will receive a super gift certificate, whenever you help us get a new paying member.

Live Streaming: How to Work in Denmark I (also for non-members)

Tips and tricks on the unwritten rules of Danish working culture. Denmark is a wonderful place to work, with high salaries and a great work-life balance. But Danish working culture can be confusing to internationals.

Corona - how do I stand?

If you experience symptoms of illness as a result of Coronavirus, you are entitled to stay at home and receive salary during your absence as with any other illness. But how do you stand if you are not ill?