Finansforbundet’s International Work

More and more decisions are being made outside the Danish political system. Therefore, it is important for Finansforbundet and our members that we be close to the decisions in international forums.

​About 80 per cent of the legislative work in Denmark comes from the EU, and about half of the employees in the sector work for a transnational company, so the financial sector is becoming increasingly globally oriented. At the same time, more and more Danish companies are moving jobs abroad, and this also has consequences for our members.

Therefore, we at Finansforbundet are active in a number of international cooperative forums, where we work for our members' interests.

International Cooperative Forums

Åbn alle

The EU

Regulation and financial management from the EU greatly affect both everyday life and work life for employees within the financial sector. Therefore, Finansforbundet engages in the EU to safeguard our members' interests as best possible.

At the EU level, we cooperate with Nordic Financial Unions (NFU) and UNI Europa Finance, but there is also a need to distinguish ourselves independently. We do this with regard to individual cases, but also with regard to influencing the Danish government's attitude towards EU initiatives and to ensure that we implement the right EU legislation in Denmark.

When we work to influence the EU, we focus on these political topics:

  • Society - financial stability and economic growth
  • The sector - fair competitive terms and equitable conditions for growth
  • Companies - competent boards of directors and management
  • Consumers - customer confidence is crucial
  • Employees as stakeholders
Read more about how Finansforbundet works with EU regulation (pdf)

Nordic Financial Unions (NFU

At the Nordic level, Finansforbundet works in Nordic Financial Unions (NFU), which was established by Finansforbundet and eight other Nordic financial and insurance associations in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

Today, NFU primarily focuses on financial regulation in the EU, but also on transnational business clubs. The purpose of the cooperation is to strengthen and coordinate Nordic efforts in European and global work in the financial sector.

The NFU associations have chosen to fund an employee for UNI-Europa's office in Brussels to strengthen the connection between Nordic and European cooperation in the financial sector.

Free local advice for members

The cooperation in NFU gives members of Finansforbundet the opportunity to get local advice in the other member countries i.e. Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

As a member, you can benefit from the advice if you are posted or permanently employed in one of the Nordic countries.

Nordic Financial UnionsAdvice and AssistanceAgreement on cross-border work in the Nordic financial sectors

UNI Global Union

Finansforbundet is a member of the global trade union organisation UNI Global Union, which has members in more than 150 countries.

Through this cooperation, you as a member of Finansforbundet can get a free UNI passport, which guarantees you access to advice from a foreign trade union while you are posted abroad.

The UNI passport