NYA – Offerings For Young Academics

The Network of Young Academics (NYA) is a network for young academics in Finansforbundet who have common professional challenges and want to network across financial companies. It is a live network with lots of activities to support you and your career.

​You are automatically a member of NYA if you are a member of Finansforbundet, are under 35 years old and have a bachelor's degree, diploma degree or master's degree. Membership in NYA gives you access to a variety of events with relevant speakers and themes tailored to young academics within the financial sector. The events are typically a mix of professional and social events, so you can learn more and expand your network at the same time.

There are events in both Danish and English. Follow this page or read about the activities in the newsletters we regularly send you.

Do you have ideas for activities and events?
NYA's Board of Directors and Finansforbundet develop activities and events for the network. 

We would like to hear from you if you have good ideas or requests – send an email to nya@finansforbundet.dk.  


Åbn alle

NYA’s Board of Directors


Mette Bindesbøl
Education: HD Financial Consulting
Job title: Private Banking Consultant
Company: Ringkøbing Landbobank



Maria Victoria Bech Glasdam
Education: HD Financing
Job title: Client Relations Manager
Company: Nordea


Louise Christine Askholm
Education: HD 2. Financing
Job title: Specialist
Company: Nykredit Markets



Sara Jacobsen
Position: AML and Sanctions Management Support
Education: Banking student
Company: Nordea



Flora Nagy
Education: Master of Economics (f)
Position: Economist
Company: Nationalbanken 



Nina Maja Tolstrup Pryds
Education: MSc in Strategic Market Creation
Position: Customer Advisor
Company: Nykredit