Planning to Work Abroad? The Uni Passport Helps You

As a member of Finansforbundet you can obtain a UNI passport, which allows you to tap into a powerful network of trade unions if you relocate to another country for a period of time.

Finansforbundet is a member of UNI Global Union, which provides the UNI Passport. UNI has affiliated unions in 150 countries in the fastest growing skills & service sectors in the world.

If you are employed on a more permanent basis, however, we always recommend that you become member of a recognized union in the destination country.

What is the UNI Passport?

The UNI Passport allows you to become a guest member of a local union if you relocate to another country for a period of time. This can include the following:

  • contact to the right union in the country of destination
  • access to some of the solidarity and support which UNI-affiliated trade unions offer to their own members
  • access to advice on questions regarding local market conditions, information about salary rates, or advice about job contracts.

How to apply for the UNI Passport

It's easy to get a UNI Passport. And, it is provided free of charge to the members of Finansforbundet. You must continue to pay membership fees to Finansforbundet while abroad to take advantage of the passport.

Please note that 'FSU-DK' is the abbreviation for Finansforbundet when filling in the online form.

You are also welcome to contact Finansforbundet at 3296 4600, if you need help.

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