Advice and Assistance

Finansforbundet's legal experts, social workers and technical consultants are ready to help you with any questions you have concerning your working life.

These could include questions about your employment contract, holiday leave, sickness or parental leave. You are also welcome to contact us if you experience conflicts with your employer relating to your rights.

We are familiar with the sector and relevant legislation, and we have vast experience in your technical field. We can provide advice to you in both Danish and English and we are bound by professional secrecy. The advice we provide is based on your needs, and we are on your side.

You are welcome to either phone us on +45 32 66 13 30 or e-mail us at

International advice and assistance

Åbn alle

UNI passport

As a member of Finansforbundet you can obtain a UNI passport, which allows you to tap into a powerful network of trade unions if you relocate to another country for a period of time.

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Counselling in the Nordics

As a member of Finansforbundet (Financial Services Union Denmark), you can be given local counselling if posted abroad, or obtaining permanent employment in the financial sector in Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden. Local counselling guarantees you specialised advice on collective agreements, legislation and taxation working abroad. If you are posted abroad, the only requirement is that you retain your membership of the Finansforbundet.

The Finansforbundet also helps employees working in the Nordic finance sector who continue their membership of a local trade union while working in Denmark during a posting. The scheme is based on an agreement with the other members of the Nordic Financial Unions (NFU), working to strengthen and coordinate the work of Nordic members within the European and global finance sector.

If permanently employed 

If you are permanently employed, we recommend that you join a local trade union. If you do so from the start, the agreement gives you the right to local counselling and help immediately from the local union. Remember that you can always retain passive membership of the Finansforbundet at no cost. 

More details 

You are always welcome to contact the Finansforbundet at 32 96 46 00 if you have questions concerning your options for local counselling in the Nordics.

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