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As a member of Finansforbundet, you can subscribe to Denmark's in-depth business medium InsideBusiness, which every Tuesday and Friday goes behind the scenes at the biggest financial undertakings, events, and trends in the areas of banking, mortgage credit and the insurance and pension sector. The price per year is DKK 1,199.00, i.e. DKK 599.50 per half year.

Buy your subscription on InsideBusiness's website, where you have to fill in a form. Remember to use the discount code "finansforbundet". If you have any problems filling in the form, please phone InsideBusiness on +45 41 72 64 04.

Forbrugsforeningen (Consumer Cooperative)

Join the consumer cooperative Forbrugsforeningen and save money on the purchases you would have made anyway. Discounts are available at 4,500 shops throughout Denmark, enabling you to save money on everything from flowers and building materials to children's clothing, furniture and domestic appliances.

Membership of Forbrugsforeningen is free the first 12 months, after which it costs DKK 11 per month. As a member, you get a membership card that you can use as a payment card in the online shops and businesses affiliated with Forbrugsforeningen. You can keep track of your purchases made with your membership card and how much money you have saved on Forbrugsforeningen's website and app.

What to do

You can sign up by filling in a form on Forbrugsforeningen's website. Please note that you must be issued with a Danish civil reg. no. to become a member of Forbrugsforeningen. If you have any problems filling in the form, please phone Forbrugsforeningen on +45 33 18 86 00.

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