Finansforbundet organises a wide range of events all over Denmark, and they are usually free of charge for members.

The events are tailored to the needs of financial sector employees, enabling you to acquire unique, specialised knowledge about your career, sector trends and other topics. The topics cover sought-after skill-sets and relevant qualifications and span a wide range, such as FinTech, management and personal development.

​Many events are held in Danish, but we also provide events in English (updated continuously).

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Upcoming Events (continuously updated)

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Live streaming - How to Work in Denmark: Tips and tricks on the unwritten rules of Danish working culture - also for non-members (May 20th)

Morning event: Denmark is a wonderful place to work, with high salaries and a great work-life balance. But Danish working culture can be confusing to internationals.

Live streaming - How to Work in Denmark: Insights and advice for internationals managing Danes - also for non-members (August 26th)

Morning event: It’s been said that managing Danes is like herding cats. Brought up to be inquisitive, innovative, and to challenge authority, your Danish team won’t do what you tell them to just because you are the boss. And they expect a level of transparency and openness you might not be used to in your culture of origin.

Free Study Programmes via the Finanskompetencepulje (Expertise Enhancement Fund)

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Expertise Enhancement Fund

You can apply for free study programmes via the Finanskompetencepulje if your workplace is a member of the Danish Employers Association for the Financial Sector.

The Finanskompetencepulje provides courses (in both Danish and English) covering a wide variety of topics, including project management, consulting and compliance. A number of the programmes are ECTS credit-bearing, and you can find training/study programmes at several different levels.

Finanskompetencepuljen (Expertise Enhancement Fund)

How to apply

You submit your application electronically. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail stating whether you were granted the course.

If you have any problems filling in the application, please feel welcome to contact or +45 32 96 46 00.


Dansk IT

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DANSK IT (DIT) is the biggest network for IT professionals in Denmark. All members of Finansforbundet whose work involves IT can join DIT free of charge. Normally, DIT membership costs DKK 1,585 a year.

As a DIT member, you gain access to expertise and experiences from like-minded employees/members of other enterprises and organisations. You also get an opportunity to take part in some of DIT's events.

Events for members of Finansforbundet


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How to sign up

Sign up on the website under each individual event.

We are pleased to help you sign up. If you cannot read Danish or if you encounter other problems relating to the registration, please e-mail post@finansforbundet with your name and membership number so we can get back to you.