Financial Support

Apply for support for study trips or unexplained financial problems.

Financial Support

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Finansforbundet's Centrale Hjælpefond (Central Assistance Fund)

Finansforbundet's Centrale Hjælpefond can provide support if you get into financial difficulty through no fault of your own. You can receive the support in the form of subsidy or salary.

You can apply for support if you are or have been employed by a company affiliated with the Danish Employers Association for the Financial Sector. If you are a former employee, you must have been employed for at least two years within the past five years before applying for support. You may apply regardless of whether you were dismissed or resigned from your position.

When applying for support, you must fill in and send the fund's application form with appendices to either Finansforbundet, P.O. Box 1960, DK-1411 Copenhagen K or hjæ If you have any problems filling in the application, please feel welcome to e-mail us at hjæ

Companies who are members of FA (Danish)

Application form (pdf, Danish)