Student Membership

Join the community and shape your future. Give your career a head start with a FREE student membership and reap the many student benefits available through Finansforbundet.

We, at Finansforbundet, are committed to improving your student life and helping you towards the career of your dreams. As a FREE student member, you therefore get access to several free of charge activities and advantages, that will support you and your student life, as well as help you on your career path. Among other things we offer access to unique and specialized knowledge as well as the possibility of expanding your network.

Our tailored student benefits include:

  • Events, courses, lectures and more
  • A Student Mentor Course, for those making the transition from student to employee
  • Legal Aid – in relation to your student job, new contract and more
  • Feedback on your CV and/or application within 24 hours
  • Career coaching, spar with our coaches on job- or educational opportunities
  • Become a part of our Student network on Facebook
  • Bonus membership of DANSK IT – Denmark's largest network for IT professionals
  • Free membership of Finansforbundets unemployment fund – a part of FTFa
  • Denmark's most attractive student insurance – Tryg Insurance  
  • Apartment rental across Denmark


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Top up your knowledge and realize your full potential. With a FREE student membership of Finansforbundet you gain access to over 200 lectures annually within IT and Finance, as well as special courses, events and lectures designed especially for students, for example:

  • Excel and VBA courses
  • Use LinkedIn strategically
  • Don't be yourself when at a job interview
  • Boost your career in 100 minutes

The events thus span from tailor made student courses, to cultural entertainment, as well as subject specific courses enabling you as a student to acquire unique, specialized knowledge on possible career paths, sector trends and other topics. The topics cover sought-after skill-sets and relevant qualifications and span over a wide range, such as FinTech, management and personal development.

Event Calendar (Danish)Events (English)

Free Mentorship Course

Finansforbundet has developed a mentoring program in collaboration with KMP+ House of Mentoring for Student Members making the transition from students to IT or Finance professionals.

To gain access to the program, you must be:

  • A Student Member of Finansforbundet
  • On your last or penultimate semester of your bachelor's or master's degree, or about to finish your diploma program

Your mentor:

  • An experienced professional in the financial area
  • Under 35 years of age
  • Trained by KMP+ Mentoring House


Mentor program

Use your mentor to spar on the transition from student to employee within the financial area, eg.:

  • Job opportunities and different career paths
  • Completion of your studies and prioritization of courses in order to promote your career opportunities
  • Balance between study, work and private life
  • How to expand and use your professional network

During the program, you can expect to meet and spar with your mentor 6-8 times in the course of 10-12 months. During this time, you will be able to assess you progress and initiate further efforts.



Next mentorship program starts in 2020.

Legal Aid

Finansforbundet's lawyers and consultants are ready to help you, whether you have questions about your current student job or future work life. We know the Finance and IT sector as well as the legalities it involves and therefore, we are the perfect partner to counsel or act on your behalf, when it comes to your rights and legalities in connection to your employment.

As a FREE Student Member, you will gain access to free professional counselling and aid in relation to:

  • Your rights in relation to holidays and illness
  • Employments law conflicts
  • Termination or resignation
  • Information on maternity rules
  • Insight into unemployment benefit rules

Remember always to let us review your employment contract for your first fulltime job. We can enlighten you in regard to what it should entail, before you sign.

Rights & Rules

Free membership of Dansk IT

DANSK IT (DIT) is the biggest network for IT professionals in Denmark. As a Student Member in Finansforbundet you gain access to the DIT network, which entails access to the expertise and experiences of like-minded and experienced individuals from IT enterprises and organizations. You also get an opportunity to take part in DIT's after-work meetings.


DIT Academy for students

In addition, Dansk IT offers access to DIT Academy, a network for students who are looking to expand and develop their network in the course of their studies, to build a bridge to the business community. Via DIT Academy you can partake in a course program, where you will participate in bridge-building events, receive professional training and become a part of a social and professional network. 

DIT Academy (Danish)

Unemployment Insurances


Look after your finances. Become a FREE* Student Member of Finansforbundet's unemployment fund, a part of FTFa. You will gain access to the unemployment insurance and secure your unemployment benefits from day one after you graduate. This means that if you do not land a job a day, a week, a month or more after graduation, you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

Don't miss out on:

  • DKK 13,489/per month after graduation
  • Access to employment enhancing courses, offers and events
  • Free coaching and counselling to increase your chances of finding your dream job
  • Free inspiration in the online universe of student life 

To be become a FREE member of Finansforbundets unemployment fund, a part of FTFa you must:

  • Be under 30 years of age
  • Be completing a SU-eligible education
  • Not be a recipient of any benefits other than SU and Housing support
  • Earn less than DKK 226,392/per year, incl. SU



If you are over 30, you can either access a FREE Student membership of the unemployment insurance fund if you meet certain requirements, or you can sign up at a reduced fee. Whichever solution is best for you depends, among other things, on whether you have worked before and how close you are to graduating.

FREE Membership for over 30'ies

To be eligible for a FREE Student membership of Finansforbundets unemployment fund, a part of FTFa as a person over 30, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a part of the Danish early retirement scheme
  • Meet the income requirement at the point of enrolling

Reduced Student fee for over 30'ies:

If you do not meet the abovementioned criteria you can become a student member over 30'ies, at a reduced fee. We highly recommend securing your finances this way, since the membership, despite being an expenditure at first, will be recouped, upon payment of your first monthly benefit. If you join at the latest a year before your graduation, the cost calculation will look as thus:

Simple maths:

Reduced unemployment fund fee

DKK 355 * 12 months = DKK 4260 (remember this is ALSO TAX DEDUCTIBLE)


First monthly unemployment benefit

DKK 15,440

You can also wait and join at the latest 14 days after graduation. Be aware that this option entails one-month quarantine from receiving benefits.

Read more about Finansforbundet's student unemployment insurance here:  

Finansforbundets a-kasse – en del af FTFa


Feel safe in your student life. With Denmark's most attractive student insurance you can cover yourself and your contents while at home and travelling at a fraction of the normal cost.

With our student insurance you get great basic coverage with the option of extra coverage for expensive sports equipment and/or extreme sport accidents:

  • Contents + world travel + bike DKK 60/per month
  • Accident + DKK 45/per month
  • Electronics + DKK 39/per month

When insured, you will also gain access to extra benefits such as a Medical hotline, Psychological crisis aid, help in case of identity theft and much more.

You can buy our awesome Student insurances online, and/or read more about the benefits (in Danish), or you can call (+45) 70 33 25 25 and get help.

Insurance Check-Up

Rental homes

Are you moving to another town? Or are you just on the lookout for an apartment closer to campus? Skip the queue and get thousands of in-demand rentals spread across the country. Remember it is first-come-first-serve, so you got to keep yourself in the loop to be able to grab the best offers.

The homes are offered when they become vacant:

Holiday homes and permanent residences

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