Career Feedback

What management style suits Danish work culture? Where do you want to go with your management role? What is the next step, and what options do you have? If you are in any doubt, Finansforbundet can help you decide.

​As a manager, you face a number of challenges that you must overcome. Maybe you are trying to strike a balance between your professionalism and management, or maybe you have doubts about how best to keep developing as a manager? We offer you career feedback that is directly based on your challenges and dreams.

Our career consultants have broad knowledge of conditions for managers in the financial field. They can provide you with feedback on how to best fulfil your wishes in relation to the management role and your future career path.

Examples of what you can obtain feedback on:

  • How do you strengthen your role, your responsibilities and your opportunities as a manager?
  • How do you handle managerial dilemmas on an operational, tactical and strategic levels?
  • How do you best sell yourself for the next managerial job using your CV and application?
  • What training is it relevant for you to take in a changing world


Book a careers discussion

You can book a free and impartial careers discussion at We hold discussions at Finansforbundet in Copenhagen, via Skype or over the telephone.