Finansforbundet (Financial Services Union Denmark) also provides services for managers – managers who are about to realise their career dream and those who have many years of experience behind them. With us you can develop your skills and gain new perspectives on your management role.

We provide you with access to networks across companies. We also offer you legal advice and feedback in your management career, so you become more aware of your potential and challenges as well as the requirements for your professional management role. And finally, we offer you inspirational events on the management of tomorrow.

Read more about what we offer you:

Legal Advice

Get advice on your terms of employment.

Career Feedback

We offer you career feedback that is directly based on your challenges and dreams.

Qualifying training

Finansforbundet can help you uncover your needs and find the training that is of most value to you.

Get Wiser About Pay

Check your salary in Finansforbundet’s salary calculator.