Qualifying Training

Does free, qualifying training sound like something for you? Finanskompetencepuljen (the Finance Competence Fund) offers a wide range of free courses and training in both Danish and English, which can be applied for by anyone in the financial sector.

​Skill development is important so you are well prepared for the future in the financial world - whether you stay in Denmark or travel to another country. Several of the courses offered by Finanskompetencepuljen provide ECTS points, and you courses are provided at several different levels. Finansforbundet can help you uncover your needs and find the training that is of most value to you.

At Finanskompetencepuljen, you can find over 250 courses and programmes, including:

  • Danish courses
  • Change management
  • Strategy and leadership innovation
  • Managing open innovation

Finanskompetencepuljen is the result of a collaboration between Finansforbundet and the Danish Employers' Association for the Financial Sector (FA).  


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