Dialogue on competencies of the future

Career coaching and dialogue with company managers and union representatives is on the agenda when Finansforbundet takes a bus tour around the country this week to visit nine financial companies.

By Naja Schyberg Petersen

​Inspiration. Debate. Coaching. These three words will be the focal point for nine different companies across the country when Finansforbundet comes to visit to focus on skill development.

"The tour has become a recurring event for us because we find it creates value, primarily for our members, but also for the companies and us as an organisation", says Jonas Svava Iversen, Political Director of Finansforbundet.

Our 'skills tour' runs from Monday 6 May to 10 May and offers lectures, dialogue meetings and career coaching with the participating companies.

"The members are specifically met at their workplace and we offer dialogue, career coaching or anything else they need. We also have a close dialogue with the companies' management and HR departments about how we can help make each other stronger", says Jonas Svava Iversen, who adds:

"We also use the tour to have a close dialogue with the companies' management and union representatives on how we can work together to make both the employees and the companies stronger in terms of skill development and demand".

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