Finansforbundet wants to empower the entrepreneurial environment

In collaboration with Akademikerne, Finansforbundet is launching an entrepreneurial commission to empower the Danish entrepreneurial environment. The commission is politically anchored with Mette Reissmann from the Social Democratic Party and consists of a wide range of organisations, companies, researchers and startups.

By Berit Villadsen bv@finansforbundet.dk

​Denmark should be amongst the best internationally when it comes to entrepreneurship. That's the message from Finansforbundet and Akademikerne, who are launching an entrepreneurial commission this afternoon to empower Denmark's entrepreneurial environment and the Danish position in the international entrepreneurial scene.

"As a trade union, we have a fundamental interest in the best possible conditions for new companies that can create jobs and growth to benefit us as a society. We also strongly believe that the best solutions come from communities. That's why, together with Akademikerne and the education and research spokesperson Mette Reissmann from the Social Democratic Party, we are launching an entrepreneurial commission", says Kent Petersen, Chair of Finansforbundet, who then elaborates:

"In the commission, we will work together with a wide range of organisations, companies, researchers and startups to make suggestions and recommendations for how to have an even better and stronger entrepreneurial environment in Denmark. Entrepreneurship is about creating tomorrow's companies and workplaces. On the other hand, it is also a goal of the commission's work to come up with some very specific recommendations and we look forward to presenting them as the work progresses."

The Entrepreneurial Commission consists of 19 permanent members. In addition to the Chair of Akademikerne and the Chair of Finansforbundet, the commission consists of representatives of other professional organisations, educational institutions, employer organisations, major companies and entrepreneurs with various educational and industry backgrounds.

The commission is holding five topical meetings in 2019 to discuss the role and significance of educational institutions for entrepreneurship, financing, capital and business understanding, better involvement and utilisation of experienced entrepreneurs, recruitment and talent development in start-ups, and internationalisation and global growth opportunities. The first meeting will be held Tuesday 26 March and the work is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.


Members of the commission:

Kent Petersen, Chair of Finansforbundet

Lars Qvistgaard, Chair of Akademikerne

Mette Reissmann, education and research spokesperson, Social Democratic Party

Thomas Damkjær Petersen, Chair of IDA

Camilla Gregersen, Chair of DM

Henrik Funder, Chair of Djøf Privat

Peter Toftsøe, Chair of Faod

Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen Fintech

Jonas S. Iversen, Political Director of Finansforbundet

Anne Skare Nielsen, founder of Future Navigator

Louise Mogensen, Director of Forenet Kredit

Jes Broeng, Head of the Centre for Entrepreneurship in Technology, DTU

Kim Escherich, Innovation Architect, IBM



Anders Permin, CEO and founder, Unibrains

Camilla Kerlauge, CEO and founder, Spenderlog

Caroline Erup Wideriksen, CEO, aPureBase

Emil Fuglsang, COO and co-founder, MatterPension

Mads Lind, CEO and founder, Mystery Makers

Niclas Rønne, CEO and founder, Nordic Infrastructure Design (NID)


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