Healthy discussion of the new situation for Finansforbundet (Financial Services Union)

Changes to the name structure in the local unions and a discussion of the new situation for Finansforbundet, i.e. being outside a central organisation, were among the topics discussed at the extraordinary national congress of Finansforbundet held on Monday 8 April at Nyborg Strand.

Carsten Jørgensen

Yesterday, Monday 8 April, Finansforbundet held an extraordinary national congress instead of the ordinary assembly of representatives meeting.

The agenda included proposed changes to the name structure in the local unions and decisions related to the new situation of Finansforbundet now that is not a member of a central organisation.

"We've entered a new phase after the sequence of events last autumn which led to the merger of FTF and LO, and our decision not to become part of the new FH which is now reality. We engaged in a healthy discussion of this with our support base," says Michael Budolfsen, Vice-President, Finansforbundet.

"Our union is based on collective agreements, and we're firmly rooted in the Danish labour market model, which is why we obviously want to be part of a central organisation. But it is also clear that this new situation requires just the right amount of ice in our veins to create an ideal solution for us and our members. We've received sound support from our base for this, so we have a solidly rooted, broad mandate that allows us to move reasonably forward," he continues.

Besides the topic of being affiliated with a central organisation, the national congress discussed a new branding platform for Finansforbundet and a name structure for the districts to create a stronger unified image.

"Our members and the financial sector in which they work are rapidly changing, and we need to stand out as a unified, strong and inspiring community. We must continue to be relevant to everyone who works in the financial sector to make a difference for our members, and this is obviously something you work on every single day, but it also requires a strong, common base and platform to speak from. We are now looking forward to unrolling and highlighting this in practice," says Steen Lund Olsen, Vice-President, Finansforbundet.


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