Do you want your colleague to join too?

The more financial employees who are members of the Financial Services Union, the stronger we stand. That’s why we have a recruitment campaign where you will receive a gift certificate valued at DKK 400, redeemable in 100’s of shops, whenever you help us get a new paying member.

The gift certificate can be used in Magasin, Matas, Sport24, JYSK, Zalando and many other places. Read more about the gift certifcate here.

Do you have a colleague who would like to become a member? Tip a colleague!

We welcome all new members with a free membership for the first three months (value: DKK 780).*

What to do
Fill in the form below. After this, we contact your colleague by telephone or e-mail and describe the benefits of joining the Financial Services Union. Once your colleague has joined, we send you a gift certificate.

We use an external supplier for our gift certificates, Huuray/SendEnTanke on our behalf. To send the gift certificate and provide corresponding service, you accept that we send you name and mail to Huuray.

If you have many colleagues whom you want to submit (remember to get their consent first), please feel welcome to send an e-mail to

The campaign applies to paying members only.



​When submitting this online form, you have obtained your colleague's consent to be contacted by the Financial Services Union by telephone and/or e-mail for the purpose of engaging in a dialogue about the benefits of joining the Financial Services Union.

We delete their contact details once we have contacted the person in question, but within twelve months at the latest.

If your colleague has second thoughts before we contact him/her, we kindly ask you or your colleague to write to or give us a call on (+45) 3266 1370.

* A new member who continues to work in the sector may terminate his/her membership at any time by giving three months' notice from the first day of the next month. Or – if the member becomes unemployed, retires or finds work outside the sector – by giving one month's notice from the first day of the next month.

In Danish?

Rules and FAQ

Good reasons for joining

Become part of a strong community
Eight out of ten financial employees are organised in the Financial Services Union. And for good reason! We have one of the best collective agreements in Denmark.

Get legal and financial security
When the Financial Services Union has your back, you stand stronger in unfortunate situations, such as dismissal. As a member you have access to advice and help at all times.

Cash in on your benefits – such as a new insurance agreement with TRYG
We offer a highly competitive agreement with TRYG. There are many other immediate benefits (including earning bonuses via the consumer association Forbrugsforeningen, renting a holiday home, free membership of Dansk IT, etc.).

Enhance your skill-sets
We host a series of events and training courses custom-made for you, as an employee in the financial sector.

Join a network
Enhance your professional and personal skills via the networks we make available to you.