Rights & Rules

Learn what you are entitled to and what your obligations are. Read the collective agreement and what the law says about your rights.

See the collective agreement

Read the collective agreements, and see a list of all companies with a corporate collective agreement.

See what pay you are entitled to

Get a general idea of the pay grades and pay scales that show what salary you are entitled to.

Get the employment contract right

Learn what your employment contract can and must cover before signing it.

Rules on working hours

Read about flexitime, overtime and additional work, the hour bank, pay supplements and business trips.

Rules on child’s sickness

Read about part-time work for parents of small children and absence and leave if your child is sick.

Rules on maternity and paternity

Read about notice, leave, pay, benefits and sickness during pregnancy.

Holiday rules

Read about accrual of holiday entitlement, public duty and pay, unemployment benefits and sickness during holidays.

Rules on subsidised jobs

Read about the conditions for getting a subsidised job, pay, pension and unemployment.

Rules on childcare days

Read about the number of your childcare days, notice, sickness, change of jobs and termination.

Rules on termination of employment

Read about severance agreements, pay guarantee, summary dismissal, warnings, outplacement and mergers.

Pension rules

Read about contributions, pension insurance, early retirement benefits and retirement.

Rules on sickness and industrial injury

Read about compensation, health insurance, documentation and caring for children and close relatives.