If you are a student and aged less than 30, you can join the unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet free of charge. Join straight away!

​If you have been a member for at least one year when you finish your education, you will be entitled to unemployment benefits immediately. If you wait to join until you have finished your studies, you will have a month's quarantine, which means you will lose a month's unemployment benefit of up to DKK 15,440 – and that would really be a shame if you could have been a free member all along.

You must have been a member of the unemployment insurance fund for at least 12 months in order to receive unemployment benefit on the day after you have completed your studies. If you wait to join, you will miss out on DKK 13,323 if you are unemployed when you graduate. Your membership is completely free while you are studying, and you can get help during your studies from the job counsellors at FTFa, of which the unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet is a part.

Student life – how to navigate a good path through your studies and out into the world of work

Click on, listen to and read 21 relevant topics that can make you and your studies more efficient. Read for example about how to become an ace at taking notes, how to draw up a plan that will keep you on track, and how to resolve conflicts in your study group. Give yourself a good student life here:

Over 30?

If you are over 30 we cannot offer you completely free membership, but we can save you from having to pay the administration fee, which means your membership will be a lot cheaper – DKK 355 a month instead of DKK 448. You, too, must be a member for at least one year prior to completing your studies, in order to be able to receive unemployment benefit immediately.

We therefore recommend that you join when you have one year left of your education.

Go to the front in the jobs queue

We know you'd rather work than receive unemployment benefit. And we know the labour market that you will be entering. That means we can give you advice that will ensure your skills and motivation are well honed, so that you quickly land a job.

Give yourself a good student life

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