Wage insurance

Why take out wage insurance? The unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet has a wage insurance scheme that offers some of the best and least expensive coverage on the market. It can be difficult to make ends meet on unemployment benefit of DKK 18,866 gross per month, especially if you come from a highly-paid position. Wage insurance gives you extra security with a solid supplement to your unemployment benefit. We cover up to 90 per cent of your previous salary – and for the first six months, the premium is half price.

​Take out wage insurance and get the premium at half price for the first six months. Remember that you can deduct the premium payment from your tax, just like your unemployment insurance fund contributions.

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Six good reasons to take wage insurance:


Financial security

You will have more financial security if you lose your job.

Coverage for up to 36 months

You can be paid wage insurance for up to 36 months.

Up to DKK 40,000 more

You can get all the way up to DKK 40,000 a month extra – on top of your unemployment benefit.

Wage insurance at half price

If you take out wage insurance, you will get the first six months at half price.

Coverage for up to 90% of your salary

With wage insurance and unemployment benefit, you can receive up to 90% of your previous salary.

Coverage until age 65

You can obtain wage insurance and coverage until you reach the age of 65.