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Finansforbundet welcomes all new expats working in the field of finance and fintech in Denmark.

Finansforbundet is the Financial Services Union in Denmark. We are experts in all matters related to the labour market in the finance and fintech sectors in Denmark. Our lawyers and experts make sure that your employment contract, salary and working conditions fully comply with the agreed terms and conditions in the Danish finance sector.

We organize 50.000 finance and fintech employees in Denmark. That is 80 % of all employees in the Danish finance and fintech sector. We negotiate the collective agreement covering the entire finance sector. We have 1200 shop stewards in place in the work place, who are ready to help you. 

Get connected

As a member of Finansforbundet you will also have access to a wide range of seminars and training sessions where you can expand your network and update your knowledge and skills. We are strong on career development through our Work Life Investment Universe.

Finansforbundet are also a partner of Copenhagen Fintech – the organisation that connects the entire Danish fintech ecosystem. We house the Copenhagen Fintech Lab at our premises in Copenhagen.

All this you can get for DKR 250 per month (tax deductible). Join today and get access to all our benefits. Students join free of charge.

Core benefits

  • Collective agreement – probably the best in Denmark.
  • Free advice in English on your employment contract and conditions.
  • Personal career development in English.
  • Salary calculator – compare your salary level in the Danish finance sector.
  • Seminars and training in English. E.g. 'Introduction to the Danish financial systems', 'Global teams and cultural understandings on the workplace'.
  • Mentoring programme – if you wish a tailored learning process focused on your career. Read more about the mentoring.

Cash benefits

 Special benefits

  • Copenhagen Fintech will give all new fintech expats 2 hours of free mentoring. Contact: Copenhagen FinTech team
  • Targeted seminars in English on the Danish finance sector and cultural understanding. The seminars will go ahead as soon as 10 members have registered.

Are you a student?

You get all of the above plus free study books, and much more (Danish text). Students are members of Finansforbundet for free.


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Fees per month

  • Employed: DKK 250/month
  • Unemployed: DKK 160/month
  • Retired/inactive/passive members: DKK 55/month
  • Trainees and students: Free

Fees when you are on leave

If you are on parental leave or sick leave and your only income is government benefits, you can enjoy all the benefits of membership in Finansforbundet for only DKK 55 a month.

To apply for the lower rate, send proof of your lower income to our membership registration department: medlem@finansforbundet.dk.


We work together with

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Kredse – working for you locally

Financial Services Union Denmark (FSU-DK) is organised in both a central way with a head office in Copenhagen and locally in so-called 'kredse', which are company branches or finance branches representing Finansforbundet locally. After the shop steward the local branch is normally your first point of contact with Finansforbundet.

Finansforbundet has a total of nine branches (kredse) – six company branches and three finance branches. In companies with more than 1.200 members we establish a company branch, and members of smaller companies belong to the geographical finance branches.

The branches can conclude local collective agreements within the framework of the standard collective agreement for the entire sector.

Disputes concerning interpretation of a collective agreement must initially be dealt with locally at the workplace and within the company branch. Finansforbundet will only interfere or be called upon, if the matter is of principle nature or a local solution cannot be found. However, any member can always choose to contact Finansforbundet directly.

Finansforbundet consists of the following branches:

FTFa – your insurance against unemployment

Finansforbundet works closely with the unemployment insurance fund FTFa.

If you lose your job, you must be a member of an unemployment insurance fund to claim government benefits. That's why it's a good idea to take advantage of the cooperation.

Read more about FTFa (Danish)


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+45 32 96 46 00


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Our members say

"I joined Finansforbundet because I wanted to be able to use all the great benefits that a membership offers. And I'm glad I did."

Gen Li, Developer and solution architect at Danske Bank


"I think it is important to know my rights, especially when it comes to salary and working conditions. As a member of Finansforbundet, I know I can always get legal advice and help if necessary."

Abdullah Taner Tankal, Specialist in Business Development at Nordea

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